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The loader for the Deutz is fairly easiy to come by. I believe it was built by Schwartz MFG. The exhaust re route kit, required to mount the loader is the hard part to find, and is easier to fabricate.

Summit Hydraulics Third Function Kit Compatible with John Deere 1025R, 1023E and 1026R Tractors . Visit the Summit Hydraulics Store. $669.95 $ 669. 95. Enhance your purchase ..

To upgrade to the independent hydraulic lift, these parts are needed: BLV10739 and BLV10688 If you have the power beyond kit, it is slightly more complicated. Refer to this document for more details. You can get these parts at GreenPartStore, and you’ll get a free shipping if you use coupon code “TTWT” at checkout. Hydraulic Mower Lift.

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Additionally, we have configured some custom kits below to solve specific needs related to compact tractors and attachments. Part #: TTWT-JD1SERIESMID-REAR TTWT JD1SERIES. Hydraulic Control Valves. Electric Directional - 15 GPM. Electric Directional - 25 GPM. Manual Monoblock - 11 GPM. Manual Monoblock - 21 GPM. Manual Monoblock - 31 GPM. Solenoid Monoblock - 13 GPM. Solenoid Monoblock - 21 GPM. Solenoid Monoblock - 27 GPM.

Use Code TTWT for 5% Discount!. ... Summit Hydraulics Manual Hydraulic Diverter Valve Kit Compatible with JD Sub Compact Tractors. This kit allows you to easily add another hydraulic circuit/function to your JD sub compact tractor without the cost of expensive factory add-ons. Tractor Model Number(s) 5610S, 6610S, 7610S, 7010, 8010 Tractor Service Manual : 7630.

While several folks have fabricated their own hydraulic thumbs, to my... Choose the Right Tiller for Your Compact Tractor. Loader Mounted Receiver Hitch. Deere 54D/60D Mid Mount Mower Belt Replacement. Single Point Connector for Deere Subcompact Tractors 1025r & 1023e - Advertisement -.

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